Multimedia & Content Development

Multimedia content always results in higher information retention compared to conventional methods of content delivery. Leveraging the strength of multimedia to trigger multiple sensory organs at the same time, JILIT has developed vast expertise in developing multimedia content for K12 Education, Corporate Training and Skill Development.

At JILIT, a dedicated production team comprising multimedia experts of various skills like 2D and 3D animation, illustration, audio and video recording, studio management, subject experts, translators and instructional designers work together to deliver highly effective learning solutions. Whether it is the development of new content by choosing the best mode of learning techniques or the conversion of existing content tailored to set objectives, JILIT has delivered innumerable projects successfully.

With our core belief in the fact that “Education is the single most important instrument for social and economic transformation of any society”, we have developed India's first multimedia rich digital teaching aid • BhartiyavidyaTM.


Multimedia content always results in higher retention as compared to conventional methods of delivery because of its ability to trigger multiple sensory organs at the same time. Using the strength of multimedia, JILIT has successfully ventured into the School Education Segment (K-12) and developed India's first multimedia rich digital teaching aid BhartiyavidyaTM. The product comprises of high quality multimedia clips on hard spots, supported by all essential components of the teaching learning process, like assessment sheets, worksheets, activities’ ideas, glossary, other reference material, etc. In a classroom, BhartiyavidyaTM makes the whole teaching-learning process highly effective and enjoyable as it reduces the teacher’s workload and enables the learners to understand the difficult concepts quickly. So far, thousands of schools have trusted us including State Govt Organisation like Nagaland, Mizoram, etc and found the product indispensable. Our product 'BhartiyavidyaTM' can be adapted to any syllabi under different curricula.

Audio and video production facilities present in JILIT are capable of producing high end broadcast quality content. Video lectures of nearly 1000 hrs produced by JILIT under Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan, Punjab have made quality education accessible in every corner of the state.

JILIT produced highly interactive e-learning content for State Council of Educational Research and Training, Mizoram which is based on a navigation scheme to facilitate the selection of content at learners ‘pace. Multiple ways of informal assessment like quizzes and games throughout the lesson help the learner to assess his learning. Based on similar pattern, a huge repository of activities titled ‘Simple experiments for Curious Minds’, a project under The National Council for Science & Technology Communication, (NCSTC), Department of Science and Technology, Government of India was also produced.

JILIT has designed, developed and evolved simulation of huge engineering structures and processes using latest multimedia tools. Development of training content for Cement industry and Institute of Drilling Technology, ONGC bears testimony to our multimedia expertise.

The company has designed and produced training modules for automobile industries. The training modules produced for Hero MotoCorp encompass the entire motor bike manufacturing process. To produce these training modules, a fine blending of shop floor video shoot and high-end multimedia is done to meet unique learning requirements of the organization.

Another area where multimedia can play a big role is skill-based training solutions. The objective of developing skill-based training solutions is to address the requirement of ever changing society and equip a broader range of learners in lesser time. Our small role in a big cause ‘to improve upon the employability factor’ an initiative by The National Institute of Electronics and Information Technology (NIELIT), Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MEITY), Government of India, is in the direction of skill development and capacity building.

With a fairly good exposure and experience in creating multimedia rich content, JILIT is well equipped to undertake development of any kind of e-Learning project to meet teaching-learning objectives of Corporates and Government organizations.