Digitization is the process of converting physical records into digitally stored records, which helps in preserving the records for posterity and minimises storage needs. Further on, by digitizing the records, the accessibility of data is eased and availability of data based to all authorised users is achieved

Our digitizing services not only help organizations across the globe go paperless, but we do so using proven processes and careful adherence to standards, taking in consideration the security concerns that you have for your business critical documents. Be it any kind of data or document - right from audio, texts, video, images, business cards, periodicals or books – we can easily digitize and convert it into any required format, which can then be transferred over any media. Not only this, we go the extra mile to keep your digitalization levels up by providing tools like:

Digital Document Management System (DDMS)

The basic expectation after the scanning of documents is to archive/retrieve the documents in a searchable digital format for future reference. DDMS solution enables archival of the documents digitally. The Meta data for the scanned document is captured in the application. The solution has provision to search documents based on the Meta Data or Keyword Search. To enable the search facility, within the document scanned, the Scanned /digitized document may be stored in Portable Document Format (PDF/A) – format instead of an Image of the document.

Features of DDMS
Meta data Indexing Capability - The application will capture Meta data related to various Documents.
Maintain Keywords for a document.
Search Facility - The system will have search facility on Meta data or Keywords to retrieve the documents.
Restrictions on download and /or printing the file etc.

Onscreen Evaluation System (OLES)

While online examination is the much easier way, to publish the result more accurate and faster, but still many institutions follow, descriptive examinations where the answer books are hand written and evaluated manually. The challenges of conventional evaluation are, the evaluators are to be invited to evaluation center or allow the evaluators to carry the answer books to home. The allocation of answer scripts to evaluators and maintain the transactions of allocation, return and reallocate to another are painful. A Registrar of University or a Controller of Examination, definitely expect a faster result publication, but it is completely dependent on the performance of evaluation by the evaluators. The objective of faster result publishing and evaluation should not fail to ensure the quality of evaluation in terms minimum time spent in an answer script and capacity of evaluating maximum scripts in a day. Let us think, a solution, where evaluators evaluate answer scripts online and to evaluate no allocation of answer scripts booklets to evaluators. You may feel it is imaginary, but it is real. On screen Evaluation System provides reliefs for the pains of manual evaluation process. JILIT provides a solution on software-as-a-service, and which can be hosted in a controlled environment like in a evaluation center or as a secured website in a cloud.

The answer scripts are scanned and loaded in the solution and it is evaluated, on screen, online. It is secretly codified to maintain confidentiality of student information. Evaluators are assigned with specific access rights with subject specialization. They can scribble, write, comment and annotate on screen. Evaluators can view question papers and model answer scripts during evaluation.. The question patterns are codified dynamically to validate the score pattern of the evaluator. System based checks for Marks entered, and auto totalling of obtained marks considering for Attended and Optional Questions attended are important feature of the system. In case of re-evaluation, unevaluated answer script can be loaded again in to the system to avoid tendency of following the first evaluator and gives a feel of fresh evaluation by second evaluator. To monitor the progress of evaluation, evaluator wise, subject-wise progress report, tabulated result, award sheet are some of the statistical reports which can be generated out of the system. On completion of evaluation, the marks entered are stored into the server and the evaluated copies are converted to pdf files. The evaluated images are bound as PDF file along with question paper with top sheet which is evidenced as a proof of evaluated answer script. This helps the institutions for answering the queries, re-evaluation request and RTI queries.

Features and Benefits
Random allocation based on Evaluator Specialization
Individual Login for each Evaluator (No limits in Number of Evaluators)
View of Question Paper
System based checks on Maximum Marks  
Verification of Attempted, Optional and Not attempted
Navigation in AB by Keyboard, Mouse, move to specific page
Reassign to another evaluator
Break and Continue the Evaluation of an Answer Book  
Generate PDF files to publish for Student withdrawal
Detailed Scores of Each Section wise/Question wise

Online Verification System (OLVS)

Online Verification System– a solution for Examination Result Verification. Any citizen or corporate like Employers, Higher Education Institutions, Parents who wish to verify the results of the candidate, can request online and get the result verified.

Although many of the institutions, do not publish the tabulated results online and conduct verification process in a conventional manner, universities can go for an automated solution for result verification. The Process starts with the registration of the requestor, entry of the candidate information, payment for verification and download the result of a particular examination as a PDF.  

Registration is the initial process, where user has to register with email id, Name, address etc for verification. The registration will be approved after he receives a onetime password in email and SMS. The login Id and Password will be automatically, sent to his registered email id.

After Registration, user can request for verification of a result. The payment gateway can be integrated for the collection of fee for verification. Upon payment of stipulated fee, the result can be downloaded in the form of a "pdf file" (Portable document format), which is digitally signed. If the request could not be serviced online, manual verification process can be initiated.

Queries and Response System, an additional feature of the solution, where any user can discuss a problem, or issue in the process of Registration or Verification. The user can write text queries, which will be answered by the verification officer of the University, Verification officer can escalate any query to a higher officer to get clarification.

Features and Benefits
A fully secure automated solution.
Employers, Educational Institutes, Parents can verify results online.
The automated system saves a lot of time and is user-friendly
Simple steps to register as a requestor, to enter candidate’s information followed by payment for verification.
The results can be downloaded in pdf format.
Queries & Response System is available to facilitate any clarification sought by the requestor.