Customised ERP / Software Solutions

Streamlining business processes through automation & paperless processes has not only helped companies to save millions of dollars but also helped them in staying ahead of their competitors. Using diverse technologies, industry expertise and a collaborative approach to solving business problems JILIT has successfully developed and deployed ERP solutions for various organizations operating in the areas of Education, Healthcare, Defence, Manufacturing and Energy Sectors.

JILIT has immense experience & expertise in developing ERP solutions that are tailor engineered to simplify, automate and streamline your business processes. We dig deep into customer insights, business objectives and data to define the optimal solution. From ideation to implementation, we guide you, our clients at every step of the way to develop the perfect solution that helps enhance the overall operating efficiency of your organisation system. Some of our product offerings include:

Biz Connect

When we think of the phrase "tomorrow's applicaiton", what applicaiton should it be? The answer is - it should be a comprehensive, cloud enabled, mobility, secured, process centric and gives rich user experience.   BizConnect is a browser based solution, which integrates the organizational business processes. A true three tier architecture application, which could be deployed on cloud or on premise. It is engineered and designed to meet the requirements of any organization. 

BizConnect focuses on the basic process of the organization like procurement, inventory, payroll,financial accounting etc.   The Information flows from one funciton to other seamlessly. The application is modular and open to customization and add-ons to meet the changing requirements of any organization. JILIT has conceived the product in such a way that it can be parameterized for any organization to meet any specific nuances or process changes. The parameters introduced can be different across organizations.

As an organization grows, BizConnect is scalable to meet the new requirements.

Campus Lynx

CampusLynx integrates most of the complex processes adopted by professionally managed educational institutions, right from the stage of inviting admission applications, till the passing out of the students, to maintain their history. It can be deployed in the server of Universities/Institutes as well as on JILIT managed cloud environment. The solution has been deployed in a number of renowned Universities/Institutes. It is a highly modular and scalable ERP Solution specifically developed in line with the requirements of the present day's Universities and Colleges. Currently, Institutions have large campuses to maintain, various courses to offer, multiple channels of admission to these courses, numerous categories of applicants, thousands of students and hundreds of faculty and administrative staff to address. Moreover, like any modern day corporate, they too are investing heavily on modernization of their infrastructure, advertising to promote their brand, taking quality accreditations to make sure their processes are standardized and also spending on IT to save time and costs. Campus Lynx with its complete student lifecycle management processes from admission to alumni alongwith payroll, financial accounting, purchase becomes a complete solution for a University and its colleges or for an independent college.

Health Lynx

Health Lynx is a comprehensive, integrated information system designed to manage all the aspects of a hospital operations, such as medical, administrative, financial and the corresponding service processing. Mentioning few major modules below:

Patient Registration
Appointment / Scheduling
Service Recording
Billing (includes Corporate/TPA/Govt. Orgs.)
Laboratory Information System

     Interfacing with Analyzer
     Bar coding

Daycare / Emergency
Patient Care (Doctor Desk and Nursing Work Bench)
Store & Inventory
Fix Asset Management (FAM)
Human resource management System (HRMS)