How Automation Testing Can Ease Your Pain

Testing plays a vital role in development and delivery of bug free software application products to the end clients. We were using manual testing process to finalize the functional and technical aspects of the processes in our software products. This process was easy when we had one or two products but with increase in processes and complicacy of the software we learnt that manual testing is going to be a big pain for us as well as for our clients enabling us to deliver the same. We tried empowering our testing team to go for automated testing.

Our team learnt lot of good stuff that relived our pain to an extent enabling us to satisfy our customers as well as internal stake holders. We at JILIT, ensure our clients that we adopt best practices those are low cost & generic and encourage optimum use of resources.


A focused approach and selection of right tools ensures smooth functioning of the application leading to required ROI, time, and resources invested. Customized performance test automation drives flexibility while facilitating optimum use of resources resulting in real benefits and high test rates..


We use tools like Selenium, Appium, Zephyr, Jira having primary focus to enhance efficiency of test teams to deliver bug free products. Automation testing supported by Selenium, as an open source is one of the paths followed in delivering quality solutions. Appium is an open-source tool for automating mobile based application, hybrid applications on iOS mobile, Android mobile, and Windows desktop platforms. Since most of our products offer functionality is to be used by bulk users so we use wide range of tools like HP, Atlassian ensuring proper load testing of specialized processes. All the tools mentioned above help us to provide cost effective tested solutions.

Testing Methodology

We use following testing methodology to ensure bug free, user adaptable and robust application to the end users.

- API-based automation
- Functional testing automation
- Performance testing automation
- Domain-specific accelerator creation
- System & integration testing


Why Automated Testing?

- To ensure that repetitive testing is completed with less effort and committed time frame.
- To ensure properly tested application complied with standard norms
- Reusability of scripts
- To support patch updation with ease.
- Distributed test execution. - Less Manual Efforts & Improve accuracy

Software Test Automation is the only way for proper testing where additional customization happen every off and on and timelines for delivery are quite narrow. Automated testing has made our life easy in terms of less customer issues and complaints.