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The GPS vehicle tracking Solutions allow you to be a silent passenger in all your vehicles, ensuring the highest level of service in terms of logistics cost. GPS based vehicle tracking is the fastest and most accurate way to track your fleet. The spectrum of wireless products and solutions has a span in the following area:

JILIT’s vehicle tracking enterprise solution delivers precise information covering staff movements 24 hours a day at a touch of a button, ensuring all your business information is correct. Eliminating issues with customers, suppliers, and other authorities:

  • Eradicate the necessity to chase around after paperwork (timesheets, job sheets, deliveries)
  • Precise business & Private mileage
  • Accurate travel times & distances
  • Exact working hours
  • Accurate time on site
  • Reduced invoice queries
  • Exercise a duty of care
The Solution

Following are the solutions that the Vehicle Tracking System can immediately provide to address the operational issues:

  • Accurate location of vehicle in real-time
  • Complete travel/route report for each vehicle
  • Reports of stop-overs for each vehicle
  • Distance report for each vehicle
  • SMS/Email Alerts on un-authorized travel route
  • SMS/Email Alerts on un-authorized stop-over
  • Visibility to all levels of administration
  • Easy web based vehicle & route management
Vehicle Tracking System
  • Uses GPS instead GPS/CMDA network for location service hence accurate location information
  • Independent 4.2V-2.5V Battery operated module with separated lockable on-off functionality
  • Quad band GSM/GPRS frequency (850/900/1800/1900 MHz) hence operational even in minimum coverage area
  • Eight pin connectivity to attach any secondary tracking device
  • Operates in power saving mode hence continues operating even in longer trips
Vehicle Tracking Device

Wireless Vehicle Tracking System is a tracking solution that comprises of GPS based location identification device and web based reporting software. The device is installed in the vehicle and it continuously transmits the location information over GPRS channel to the software. The software in turn presents the information to user logged-in from web based interface and provides real time track on the vehicle. Based on the tracked location information, the software generates email/SMS alerts and daily/weekly/monthly reports for administration purpose.

The software allows the user to define the authorized routes for each vehicle along with authorized stop-over locations and halt time. In case of non-compliance with this, the system can send email & SMS alerts to the authority. User can access the software and administrate the vehicles or view reports through web from any machine from any location.

Vehicle Tracking Software
  • A complete web based software accessible over any computer connected to internet
  • Completely hosted and maintained by Betaar3 hence, no server infrastructure required
  • 99.99% Uptime and 100% reporting data security guaranteed
  • Able to generate alerts through email and SMS
  • Easy customizable report center
  • Simple and easy to use interface to monitor and manage vehicles
  • Various security levels for different level of administration
  • Easy to add and configure new vehicles
  • Easy to manage and re-configure existing vehicles completely through web without physically modifying GPS device

The device can be easily installed in the vehicle in very short time and configured through software. The software is hosted & maintained by Betaar3 and hence, there is no installation or maintenance required for that.

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