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A three tier architecture based solution aims at streamlining and integrating all activities carried out in any school. This software solution will enhance the efficiency level and ensure better planning for managing student registration, time tabling, hostel accommodations, fees, conveyance & transportation, exams & results, library, finance and payroll etc.

Following is a brief summary of the modular features:

General: Captures the administrative details of the school which includes Staff, Subjects, facilities and school structural information.

Student: Covers complete student profile right from the day of enrollment to school leaving. Generates relevant reports and certificates.

Time Table: Generates time table, keeping parameters like multiple levels, parallel subjects, lab timings/distributions, leisure periods for teachers in view and has the provision for daily arrangement classes also allows some manual modifications.

Examination: Generates date sheets, duty charts, allows marks entry (Numerical and Grade wise),has provisions for grace marks, trait evaluations, Generates reports Class wise and Student wise, Subject wise, analyses the various reports generated on various parameters.

Conveyance: Complete transport master which keeps a track of each and every aspect of a school's people logistic system.

Hostel: Covers each and every aspect of a students hostel life inclusive of accommodation details, medical history, messing details and generates various reports.

Library: Maintains complete book inventory, records the book procurement, issue and return dates and the book status.

Fee Details: Spans determination of fee to generation of fee receipt along with the due statement.

Accounts: Covers complete accounting universe of the school; Includes various daily monetary transactions, Bank dealings, Salaries and Balance sheet generation.

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