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Qgenie is a web enabled question paper generator solution for Teachers, Tutors, Parents, Students, Schools and Coaching Institutes across classes and subjects. The software allows generating a question paper based on parameters like learning objectives, types of questions, competency level and difficulty level. In Qgenie, emphasis has been given to tag each question with its learning objectives. The repository of questions allows teachers to select a variety of questions from the bank. The teachers have the flexibility to generate class tests, terminal tests, and final tests.

Setting a balanced question paper is a complex and demanding process. Generally most of the teachers set learning objectives while making lesson plans but they give less importance to transform these learning objectives into assessment objectives while setting question papers. This peculiar feature of linking each question with its learning objective allows teachers to focus on the testing of desired outcomes of the learners. Qgenie enable users to generate the question paper within a few minutes. It is therefore a very user friendly software solution.

Question Paper can be downloaded 24x7 and the user has the option to print / store in a Word/PDF format at any time during the year. Qgenie can help enable students to get conceptual clarity, rational thinking ability and analytical skills through scientifically designed questions.

The users who register themselves on the website shall become a member. Member will be given a unique Login ID. If the members don't buy Question Paper Packs after registration, it will expire in 30 days. However, after 30 days, they can renew the same within 90 days after which it will be permanently deleted from the database. If they buy within 30 days, they can choose different Question Paper Packs which have different validity period. They would be required to make the payments (online/offline) and they will get the right to download the Question Paper within the validity period of such specified packs. After expiry of such validity period, the right to download will expire and the money paid by them will not be refunded.

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