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This web based unique software solution is designed with an objective of eliminating paper based exams and associated costs. It renders the test process simple, interactive, accurate and secure within a predefined schedule. It is a fully automated online testing tool with central control and comprehensive security. All features are amenable to individual customization needs. Administrators load the questions in a database and an automatic test is generated based on the design parameters. At any time these questions can be edited, deleted and reused for a prompt test. The questions can be edited, deleted, and re-used (question bank) anytime for a quick, rich online test. Online Test (OLT) can be given through any browser. OLT is internet / intranet enabled website which makes test process easy, interactive, accurate and secured within a defined schedule.

Our online test software lets you create online tests and quizzes containing multiple choice and short answer questions. Your users can take your tests from anywhere with a web browser. You log in to an administration panel to create tests and view results. It's that simple to evaluate students, employees, job candidates, and more!

This software is user friendly and can be maintained with ease. Admin users can get a great user-friendly error or suggestion message for all entry forms. Admin can make a test schedule, provide question pattern (including how many questions to pick up from question bank and how many to enter). Administrator can make a test more secured using IP based test system. He/she can allow a particular test to be opened only in a selected IP abased PCs. Administrator can enter candidates’ details so that only selected candidates can participate in the test. Candidates can always see the remaining time being displayed on the screen. Number of questions gets displayed on the current window.

OLT also provides an advantage in scheduling, because tests can be administered in much less time than it takes to administer a paper test. Since the schedule can be compressed, more test dates can be provided throughout the year. The immediate computation and availability of test scores makes it possible for test takers to plan for their next steps right after taking the exam. This product redefines the way automated testing is done. It helps to build tests in minutes instead of hours! No need to waste time on defining coordinates in dynamic pages anymore.

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