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MentoMatrix is an automated tool for testing and analysis of children’s psychological attributes through a gaming application. A person’s moral values and personal traits are the cumulative build up of his early childhood experiences. These early experiences of children leave an ever lasting impact on their minds. Childhood experiences condition the children so strongly that it becomes extremely difficult to change/ modify their behaviour in subsequent years.

Children are most affected by the general atmosphere, peer group and the emotional climate of the home and the combination of methods used by parents and teachers for training their children. Right behaviour, if developed at the right age, can avoid several personality problems. Development of right behaviour in children can be facilitated by early and timely assessment of their moral values and personal traits, its analysis, detection and correction where needed. These activities are performed by psychologists and counselors, mostly in school environment and to some extent in clinics. However, against a recommended requirement of 1 psychologist / counselor for every 250 children, there is only one psychologist / counselor for every 2500 children in many countries. Due to such adverse ratio, the psychologist / counselor can perform only selective assessment, analysis, detection and correction, if needed.

Therefore, psychologists / counselors need to be empowered with a testing tool to automate the initial assessment of moral values and personal traits. The automated assessment can then be converted into quantitative values for easy comparison over a group of children to detect patterns. JIL IT has pioneered in its effort in creating such a tool that not only captures 40 selected attributes pertaining to moral values and personal traits, but also quantifies and analyses them individually as well as collectively. The automated testing is carried out in an easy, interesting and innovative manner without their knowledge. Children view animated short stories and while doing so they are provided with opportunity to play games. The story is interspersed with some relevant questions at crucial junctures and their responses are captured to determine the level of their attributes. The tool is designed for children of 7 to 15 years of age. The captured attributes are then processed, digitized and analyzed to produce various types of reports. The tool is very handy and useful for mass assessment of children, particularly in school environment. Some of the advantages of the tool are listed below:

  • All children can undergo the tests as compared to present method of selective testing
  • No extra expenditure is incurred as the number of children increases
  • Psychologists / counselors can devote more time on analysis of test results and recommend remedial measures faster
  • Testing becomes person (psychologists / counselors) independent
  • Chances of capturing of truer attributes are more since children are likely to be more open to machine than to persons
  • Quick detection of patterns over a large number of combinations of attributes is possible
  • Commonality and differences in mutually exclusive groups can be detected, if information is shared
  • Country specific strengths and weaknesses can be identified
  • Comparison is possible over complete set of attributes
  • Deeper analysis helps in revealing the causes of the deficiencies
  • Identification of mass remedial measures is feasible

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