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JILIT has expertise in developing customized ERP/Software solutions. It's proficiency in developing customized ERP Solutions has ventured into the areas of Education, Healthcare, Defence, Manufacturing and Power Sectors. The solutions contribute towards efficiency of cost and labour by optimizing resource deployment. Our portfolio comprises of the following solutions:

Biz Connect
Is a three tier architecture application, which can be deployed over intranet and internet for small and medium enterprises. It can be implemented as a single solution for a group of companies. It is engineered and designed to meet the unique requirements of any organization. This solution creates a potential for improving performance, productivity and ultimately profitability.
The clientele includes some prestigious names as A2Z Infra Services, Altair Engineering India Pvt. Ltd. TUV Rheinland India Pvt. Ltd.; Lotus Labs India Pvt. Ltd.; WS Atkins India Pvt. Ltd., etc. The solution is also being used by our Group companies.
Campus Lynx
Campus Lynx integrates most of the complex processes adopted by professionally managed educational institutions right from the stage of inviting admission applications till the passing out of the students to maintaining their history. It can be deployed in the server of universities/institutes as well as on JILIT managed cloud environment.
The solution has been deployed in a number of renowned Universities/Institutes. It is a highly modular and scalable ERP Solution specifically developed in line with the requirements of the present day's universities and colleges. Today's institutions are comprehensive and big. They have huge/multiple organizations, campuses to maintain, various courses to offer, multiple channels of admission to these courses, numerous categories of applicants, thousands of students and hundreds of faculty and administrative staff to address. Moreover, like any modern day corporate, they too are investing heavily on modernization of their infrastructure, advertising to promote their brand, taking quality accreditations to make sure their processes are standardized and also spending on IT to save time and costs.
In a short duration, apart from the Jaypee Universities and Colleges, JILIT has acquired some prestigious clients such as IIT Roorkee; National Institute of Technology, Arunachal Pradesh; Thapar University, Patiala; Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology (formerly Bengal Engineering and Science University-BESU), Shibpur; O P Jindal Institute of Technology, Raigarh; Siksha 'O' Anusandhan University, Bhubneshwar; Nirma University, Ahmedabad; GTTC, Bengaluru; TMU, Moradabad etc.
Hospital Information System (HIS)
JILIT is committed to meet the IT needs of Hospitals through its product Hospital Information System (HIS). It strongly influences quality and efficiency of health care and the technical progress offers advanced opportunities to support health care facilities and needs. It is backed by latest diagnostic services and state-of-the-art technology focused on medical specialities that meet the day to day needs of the hospitals. JILIT has experience in Healthcare application development and implementation with a capability of providing end to end solutions with an expertise in the areas of Domain Knowledge: Healthcare Processes, Various Healthcare Industry Standards, Best Practices used across industry, Customized Application Development, Electronic Health Records, Integration with PACS and various Healthcare databases and Hospital Infrastructure deployment and support.
The solutions has been deployed both in the Group Hospitals as well as renowned external client like National Institute of Tuberculosis & Respiratory Diseases (NITARD), New Delhi, Vivekanand Hospital, Palampur and SamudayikSwasthya Kendra, Guna.
School Connect
School Connect is a comprehensive School Automation and Management Software which has been designed especially for educational institutes to assure smooth administration and management of various scholastic and co scholastic activities. It takes care of overall school administration and management and helps the Top Management of the Schoolto take effective managerial decisions. It manages the academic processes and administrations with greater flexibility and aims at reducing the gap between information and the users. It further ensures seamless flow of information. It can be accessed from anywhere on any computer at any time and does not require any fixed installation or infrastructural investment or technical expertise. Itmanages all aspects of schooling without redundancy and proper inter- module data exchange.
On-Line Test
This web based unique software solution is designed with an objective of eliminating paper based exams and associated costs. It renders the test process simple, interactive, accurate and secure within a predefined schedule. It is a fully automated online testing tool with central control and comprehensive security. All features are adaptable to individual customization needs. The questions are loaded in a database and an automatic test is generated based on the design parameters. At any time these questions can be edited, deleted and reused for a prompt test.
Employee Performance Management System
JILIT has developed an online Employee Performance Management System based on Goal Sheets for individual executives/employees of Cement Division. Target based Excel sheets are uploaded in web based application. This application is scalable depending on the requirement of small, medium size organization. The application can be deployed on both intranet and internet. Any organization can benefit by using this solution to automate their employee appraisal process instead of using an ERP. Role based user, such as appraisee, appraiser and reviewer fills their entries and finally submits to the appraiser for his comments and rating. The appraisal window opens for specific period only to the appraisee, appraiser and reviewer as per guidelines set by the management.
Smart Card Based Procurement Software
This software is a blend of Smart card issued to the supplier along with the procurement process management. The scope of the system is automated procurement system with or without using smart card.
The procurement of raw material can be done from any number of factories and locations. The detailed information of the suppliers providing raw materials is associated with either value or information or both that can be stored and processed. This helps to generate various MIS reports city/village wise, date wise with its transaction details.
Transactions covered by the software are whenever the suppliers comes with the raw materials, the Gate Entry will be recorded with the name of supplier, type of material, volume of material, vehicle number. The vehicles carrying the material are routed to weighing bridge. The System is integrated with weighing bridge and captures the vehicle in weight (first weight). Before downloading the material, sampling of quality is carried out based on which the rate of material is decided. Bad quality materials are rejected and sent out of the factory immediately. After downloading the material, second weight of the vehicle is carried out and nett.material weight is obtained. After second weight, the vehicle is routed for Gate Out Entry. Credit advice to the supplier is being generated which is further used by the Accounts department for payments.
Golf Course Management Software
GCMS is an integrated golf solutions designed to streamline operations, improve customer service levels, while enhancing financial control, oversight and accountability. GCMS offers powerful functionality, scalability and uses the latest technologies. It includes Membership Request Management, Members Management, Billing, Payment and Smart Card Management including ePurse Application & SMS/e-mail integration.Software keeps the information of members and records all the transactions related to members like restaurant, bar, coffee shop billing, etc.
All the transactions can be done cashless with the help of bank credit & debit cards and smart card. The smart card needs to be charged to avail the cashless transaction facility at various point of sale counters.
Hand Held Device/Personal Digital Assistant
Today, Hand Held Devices along with their applications are the best alternative solution to the regular PC or desktops. They provide power backup solution along with connectivity. Being a very economical and handy solution it has gained popularity. The retail and inventory processes are made significantly more efficient by portable terminal function sets including wireless transport and capability. The purchase of handheld point of sale (POS) is driven by the need for modernization of restaurants, retail, healthcare, and supply chain. It supports flexibility and analytical implementation permitting more informed conduct of the business. The uses of Hand Held POS devices are based on providing a way to automate processes, track inventory and serve customers. The applications are widely being used in the area of Banking, Financial Institutions, Utility Billing Department, Medical & Health Care, Micro Finance, Identification, Attendance Management, Police Challan, Payment Collection. We have successfully implemented the solution at the Noida Golf Course for Restaurant Billing and Yamuna Express way for Toll Collection.
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