The concept of learning has undergone a major shift in the past decade. JILIT undertakes development of e-learning products on turnkey basis. Through these solutions students are able to experience a new and innovative way to learn a courseware in an e-learning environment which is designed to be interactive to encourage better knowledge retention. Users of such interactive courseware can access the information, learn and perform self assessment in their own time and pace.

Learning is no longer from teacher to student - it is multidimensional, and gathers resources from all around. Activity based content in Science has been designed and created for project “Simple Experiments for Curious Minds” which is in the form of an interactive CD-ROM for children in the age group of 9-12 yrs. The project was commissioned by the National Council for Science and Technology Communication (NCSTC), Department of Science and Technology, Government of India. JILIT has leveraged the Group's strength in Education (1,000 Institutes, 21,000 Teachers and 1,40,000 Students) to create teaching – learning solutions that improve the quality of teaching learning process.


India's First Digital Classroom Teaching Aid conceived, designed and developed by JILIT in the year 2000 is an Indian endeavour to pay more attention to the interfaces that are specially designed to be used by a teacher seamlessly with his/her wisdom, voice as well as all other conventional teaching aids during a classroom teaching process. It has a set of high quality multimedia capsules, prepared lesson-wise using a variety of globally researched resource material. It covers content across Classes I to XII in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Science Practical, Mathematics, Geography, History, Civics and Environmental Science. The capsules can be adapted to the syllabi used under different curricula.

Bhartiyavidya PowerClass

JILIT provides complete turnkey solutions to schools with various options of hardware which the schools can choose from according to their comfort along with the classroom teaching solution 'Bhartiyavidya'. A comprehensive approach towards technology + classroom. One Stop solution for all technology requirements.

Qgenie - Question Paper Generator

Qgenie is a web enabled question paper generator solution for Teachers, Tutors, Parents, Students, Schools and Coaching Institutes across classes and subjects. The software allows generating a question paper based on parameters like learning objectives, types of questions, competency level and difficulty level. The repository of questions allows teachers to select a variety of questions which caters to classes VI through XII for Science, Social Science and Mathematics. The users have the flexibility to generate class tests, unit/terminal tests, and final tests. The teachers can add/edit/delete the questions generated as per their requirement or parameters.


Mentomatrix is an automated web based training application for testing and analysis of Children's Psychological Attributes. JILIT has pioneered in creating such a tool that not only captures 40 selected attributes pertaining to moral values and personal traits, but also quantifies and analyses them individually as well as collectively. The automated testing is carried out in an easy, interesting and innovative manner without their knowledge. The tool is designed for children of 7 to 15 years of age. The captured attributes are then processed, digitized and analyzed to produce various types of reports. The tool is very handy and useful for mass assessment of children, particularly in school environment.