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A browser based solution for small and medium enterprises. The solution is seamlessly integrated with various business process modules like Financial Accounting System, Fixed Asset Management System, Procurement, Inventory Management, HR & Payroll Management, etc. It has a good application access security system for accessing the application. The built in reports provides useful analytical information which helps in decision making.

The output can be exported to any file format like excel, word, PDF etc. The Employee Web Portal is a part of BizConnect Solution which facilitates employees in Automated Leave Application Processing, employee account status, employees Publications, Complaints and Suggestions and Activities and Assignments, mailing system, Broadcast Messaging etc.

Integrations: The Business processes integrations like Inventory to Financial Books; Payroll to Financial books etc are seamless, modular and parameterised. BizConnect also provides an integration of inter Branch/Unit transactions which minimizes reconciliation between units.

Barcode: As an ERP the solution is open to integrate the barcode Scanners / Portable data terminals, which allows real-time data collection accurately and rapidly. Reports: The reports are easy to generate, which can provide useful analytical information as well, this helps in decision-making. These outputs can be exported to any of the format specified by the user (Excel, PDF, Word, Rich Text Format etc.) The application has also has a user driven report writer tool, which helps the user to generate information from database

Process Errors & Guidance: The application contains has in built process error bank, and the action to be taken to complete the transaction.

BizConnect facilitates ease of operation with high performance and rich in features. The in-built Software Access Security System is one of the best features.

The modules covered by this application are

  • Financial Accounting System
  • Asset Management
  • Procurement
  • Inventory
  • Human Resource Management
  • Payroll Process
  • Asset Maintenance System
  • Costing
  • Application System Administration
  • Employee Web Portal

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