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India's First Digital Classroom Teaching Aid conceived, designed and developed by JILIT in the year 2000 is an Indian endeavor to pay more attention to the interfaces that are specially designed to be used by a teacher seamlessly with his/ her wisdom, voice as well as all other conventional teaching aids during a classroom teaching process. It has a set of high quality multimedia capsules, prepared lesson-wise using a variety of globally researched resource material. It covers content across Classes I to XII in Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Science Practical, Mathematics, Geography, History, Civics and Environmental Science. The capsules can be adapted to the syllabi used under different curricula. JILIT provides complete turnkey solutions to schools with various options of hardware which the schools can choose from according to their comfort along with the classroom teaching solution 'Bhartiyavidya'. A comprehensive approach towards technology classroom.

Bhartiyavidya is part of our patented product "Computer Assisted Teaching Apparatus".

In a nutshell, Bhartiyavidya is the absolute representation of the 21st Century classroom. Today's children are exposed to a myriad topics and subjects. Left with few options, they are forced to memorise everything and reproduce it accordingly during exams. Keeping this in focus, Bhartiyavidya, a breakthrough digital teaching aid, has been developed in order to assist the educator to teach better, just as it enables the pupil to understand better. A Pleasure Ride for Both Teachers and Students Revolutionary as it is, Bhartiyavidya is here to influence and alter the conventional way of teaching forever. On the other hand, the students will find their lessons much more interesting and easy to comprehend. Bhartiyavidya is indispensable while teaching topics that are conceptually difficult to visualise and understand. It supports the teacher where conventional methods of using the blackboard fall short.

Management Information System (MIS) is a tool provided in Bhartiyavidya for the users to have a complete report on capsule usage in classroom and staff room. Reports are of two types, namely, ‘Graphic Report’ and ‘Textual Report’

Curriculum – specific Digital Classroom Teaching Aid empowers teachers and makes teaching more effective. Various multimedia images like graphics, pictures, diagrams, 3-D images have been used while preparing digital capsules. These images make teaching lively and more meaningful. They help teachers to hold the interest of students.

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