Bhartiyavidya Power Class


Bhartiyavidya Powerclass adds value to the quality of teaching in schools. It is only one of its kind IT enabled teaching solution is designed on the principle that a combination of conventional teaching (using the teacher’s wisdom, voice and blackboard) and technology assisted teaching (using multimedia) within a regular classroom and within the teaching period of 40 minutes leads to more effective teaching-learning than either full 40 minutes of conventional teaching or full 40 minutes of technology based teaching. It is unlike all CDROMs or Internet based content that is either designed for use directly by a student or is designed for use by a teacher who uses an LCD projector without the blackboard.

POWERCLASS is basically a comprehensive approach to convert your existing classroom in to digital classroom with Hardware, Software and Curriculum based multimedia Teaching and learning content. Bhartiyavidya Powerclass empowers a teacher to explain difficult to visualise concepts in much better way and helps students in multisensory learning.

Digital Classroom

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99000+ Curriculam Centric Multimedia Teaching And Learning Content - KG To Class XII

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Hardware - Computer,TV,Interactive Board,Projector,Assessment Device

Lab Solution - English,Science,EVS,Math Labs

Software and Content - Bhartiyavidya, Qgenie, School connect,Teaching Aid Library, Nursery Content, Student Interactive Math Content

Others - GPS-GPRS Vehicle Tracking System, Biometrics Attendance, CCTV etc.

Usage - Teachers And Students

  • India’s largest content repository used by teachers and students
  • Teachers get the relevant digital resources such as animations, digital charts, work sheets, Interactive tools, brainy games etc right inside the classroom
  • Covers from Kindergarten to Grade XII across the subjects, EVS, Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Social Studies, History, Civics and Geography.
  • Powerclass enables the teachers to teach difficult to visualise concepts very effectively with multimedia contents.
  • Powerclass empowers the teacher to create lesson plans stitched with the huge repository of multimedia content.
  • Empower the teacher in customizing, Scheduling and sharing the lesson to other teachers.
  • Instant assessment of teaching-learning outcomes in class

Benefits To Teachers And Students

  • Better concept clarity
  • Animations, interactive exercises, simulations and other visual aids creates an enjoyable teaching-learning atmosphere.
  • Helps to teach, learn,making students visualise the “HARD SPOTS” (‘Difficult to visualise concepts’ or ‘Beyond the Blackboard Concept’) of the syllabi.